Graduation Requirements

The PHSC Educator Preparation Institute graduation requirements include the following:

  • Complete all EPI classes with a "C" or higher
  • Achieve a minimum average of 2.5 GPA in all EPI classes
  • Complete all field experience hours
  • Demonstrate competency in the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs) at the pre-professional level
  • Pass the final section of the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)
    • Professional Education Test
      • Competencies and Skills and Blueprint
      • Test Format and Sample Questions
      • Note: Full-time teachers who have earned a highly effective rating per their performance evaluation under s. 1012.34 F.S., may use it to satisfy the Professional Education Test requirement.

Student Responsibilities

The EPI Student must:

  • Initiate the graduation application process by the deadline date in the Academic Calendar for the term in which program requirements will be completed and pay the graduation application fee of $15.
  • If applicable, complete the CG-10 application for the upgrade of your Statement of Eligibility or Temporary Certificate to a Professional Certificate with the FLDOE. Do at least 60 days prior to your statement/certificate’s expiration. 
    • Note: If you were never issued a certificate, you do not have to apply for anything else or pay any additional certification fee(s) to the FLDOE. 
  • Update the EPI office if there have been any changes made to your Statement of Eligibility and/or Temporary Certificate. If your Statement of Eligibility has expired, you must complete an updated eligibility statement request
  • Complete the EPI Post Evaluation Survey. Print or screenshot the last confirmation page of the survey, “your response has been recorded” and submit to the EPI office.
  • Complete and submit the EPI FEAPs Post Assessment Form.
  • Check your PHSC email for communication regarding additional needed action.

Director Responsibilities

The EPI Director will:

  • Review the student’s file and verify that all requirements for the completion process have been met.
  • Review student’s transcripts for program requirements.
  • Sign and send sign the CT-133 Certification of Completion form to the FLDOE Bureau of Educator Certification after the completion checklist is complete.
  • Send the student a copy of the CT-133 form and an EPI completion letter.

The Office of Admissions and Student Records will send the student a certificate of completion in the mail after the student records have been verified.

FLDOE Processing Time Frame

The CT-133 forms are sent by the EPI Director through regular U.S. mail to the FLDOE Bureau of Educator Certification. It can take 30 to 45 business days after a document is mailed to this office for it to appear in the educator’s file. When the document is added to the file, the educator can log into his/her account and click on “View Documents” to confirm that the document is on file. The FLDOE does not send notification to colleges/universities that the document has been received. It is the responsibility of the educators to check their files to determine when a document is received.

The processing time frame for the CT-133 form will be up to 60 days from the date that the form is added to the file.

If the FLDOE receives a CT-133 form for an educator that has a temporary certificate but has not submitted the upgrade application, the FLDOE will add the CT-133 form to the file and the file will not be processed until the educator submits the upgrade application and fee. The educators are advised on their statement of status of eligibility letter that upgrading from a temporary certificate to a professional certificate requires an upgrade application and fee.