Required Field Experience

There are two courses in the Educator Preparation Institute program that include a field experience.

  1. EPI 0945 Field Experience I
  2. EPI 0940 Field Experience II

EPI students must complete a minimum of 45 hours within each field experience course for a minimum total of 90 hours. This equates to a minimum of 5 hours each week. Students will demonstrate the skills and competencies learned from the courses that they are concurrently enrolled in with the field experience course.

EPI students employed as full-time teachers or long-term substitute teachers are allowed to complete all of the field experience requirements within their own classrooms/schools. EPI students will not have to take any time off from work to complete the field experience requirements.

EPI students not employed as full-time teachers or long-term substitute teachers are required to complete field experience hours as part of Field Experience I and Field Experience II during daytime school hours. The field experience must be completed at either a Pasco County public school, Hernando County public school, or with Florida Virtual School. The EPI Director will arrange all field experiences for EPI students who are not employed as full-time teachers or long-term substitutes.

The EPI Director will coordinate with the principal at the assigned schools for all EPI students (full-time teachers or not) to ensure that a mentor/supervising teacher is assigned that meets criteria as outlined by F.S. 1004.04(5).

Applicants are required to complete and submit the EPI Field Experience Request Form during the application process.